Friday, June 22, 2007

Do You Know These People?

You know, the ones that are in town for a convention. They have those HI MY NAME IS stickers on their shirts. They stand around in pods of 4 or 5 and there is a lot of smiling and too much nodding and an uncomfortable amount of eyes darting back and forth to meet each other's eye. There is the hand on the shoulder or hand on the forearm move when one makes a point or something they think is a really strong suggestion that in their mind is brilliant. And they're all dressed casually. But they usually wear suits so they all look like their wearing clothes made out of cactus and polyester even though they are supposed to be casual. And there is promises of calls, emails, lunches and even the random dinner, in which everyone knows will never happen but they feel an obligation to offer anyway?

I hate those assholes.

1 comment:

anne altman said...

hey, don't hate on the Altman Family Reunion. they're good gatherings. you'll see.