Thursday, July 27, 2006

Big Head Todd And The Mystery Rock

I love stories like this.

In 1872, so the story goes, workers digging a hole for a fence post near Lake Winnipesaukee in the central part of this New England state found a lump of clay that seemed out of place.

And there were many questions: Who made the stone and why? How old was it? How was it carved?

Personally, it reminds me of The Olmecs.

They were the first ancient civilization in the Americas. Incas? Mayans? Aztecs? They'd be nothing without the Olmecs, and not too many people know this.

Besides, as you can see from these Olmec skulls... they were giants!

But I'd say it is possible that some Olmecs wandered up north, possibly during the fall to see all the pretty colors.

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anne altman said...

and then what, they took a dump with a face on it by a fence post by lake winnepasaukee?