Monday, July 31, 2006

Two Holes In One Is Too Expensive

Golfer Bags Double Ace

So this guy gets a hole in one at a golf tournament. It happens.

The next day on the same hole with the same club he does it again. That does not happen.

Amazing right? Well I don't think it would be too amazing when he had to return to the clubhouse a second time to buy everyone drinks. Herein lies one of the dumbest sports traditions.

You get the hole in one, YOU have to buy everyone drinks. I'm sorry, but shouldn't everyone be congratulating ME? And nothing says, "Congratulations!", like a free beer.

It's back-asswards if you ask me, but at least he didn't do it in Japan.

There, you shoot a hole in one, you have buy everyone you were playing with a present!

There is even Hole In One Insurance.

I'll stick to my Golden Tee, thank you.

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