Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don Rickles

Last week I went and saw Don Rickles live, being interviewed by Regis Philman.

I was 4th row, front and center. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Of course, I stuck out like a young Irish guy surrounded by older Jewish couples, but then I guess I know how Regis felt.

Don Rickles is a little bit older than I remember (He's 81!). Walks a little slower too. But he is still sharp as a knife. He got up to that microphone and his mouth never stopped. It was awesome. It was hilarious.

Don has a new book out, which I highly recommend. In today's overwrought and saturated politically correct nonsense world, he will surely pass into legend of being able to make fun of everyone, and everyone laughing with him.

One story I really liked: When Don was just starting out at a small club in L.A., he befriended a bartender. The man was a little older and not making much of a living. Don liked him and said if he ever made it big, he would take him with him. When Don landed his gigs at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas (where he met Frank Sinatra), he called his bartender friend and told him to pack his bags.

He was with Don, until he died, for 42 years.

Regis brought this up during the interview and it was the only time Don got a little choked up, saying that he wished he was here tonight.

Fantastic moment.

Except for one thing.

The idiot sitting next to me who decided to eat a DING DONG right as the interview started and then proceed to lick his fingers, wipe them on his shorts and keep looking at his cell phone during the evening.

F'n pig.

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anne altman said...

who the hell is regis philman?

don rickles IS hilarious. my favorite line of his is when he quoted the best heckler he ever came across. after much frustration he shouted at her:

how much do you charge to haunt a house?

she countered:

how many rooms?