Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mystery Of The Mind

Autistic Man Draws Near-Perfect Panorama of Rome - Watch more free videos

This is unbelievable.

A British man with Autism flies over Rome once in a helicopter and is able to recreate a huge, near-perfect panorama of the city. It takes him three days to complete his drawing.

I love learning about these savants. And I thought the musical ones were wild - what this man does, down to the detail of windows and columns... is just amazing.

Strange this is, the doctors and scientists that studies these folks believe that we are all capable of doing such feats, but somewhere in our evolution those parts of the mind shut down or were blocked off. For people like this guy, those parts are open, Buuut, other parts, like learning how to tie your shoes, are not.

One hell of trade off. If you ever could.

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