Friday, December 28, 2007

We All Make Mistakes

I feel for this guy. Oh man, do I feel bad for this guy.

In case you missed it, this guy, Chris Jesse, tried to touch a live ball during the Texas-Sun Devils Holiday Bowl last night. He just reached out to grab it. It didn't look like he touched it, but the Longhorns were penalized anyway. Lucky for him, they won, so no real harm done. Except that he is the coach's stepson and the camera kept showing the guy throughout the game.

Cringe. Cringe. Cringe. Poor guy. I feel for him because I've been in that situation. We all have. But on national television? I give the guy props for staying on the sidelines. I probably would have insisted one of the linebackers shove me in a locker and turn the lights out.

True story: I use to work the door at my college's basketball games. One time, during a woman's game, I was in the corner of the gym bouncing a tennis ball against the wall. Well, that ball got away from me and rolled onto the court while the girls were underneath the basket fighting for a rebound. The tennis ball rolled under their feet, a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

Unfortunately that ball exploded, killing three girls and maiming two for life.

Now THAT was embarrassing. But at least it wasn't on TV!

But keep your chin-up Jesse, we've all been there.

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