Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tigger Buried Alive!

Tigger The Tiger, seen here in happier times.

In an extremely unfortunate case of misidentity, Tigger the Tiger, from the children's stories of Winnie The Pooh, was buried alive today in Detroit.
But due to a misunderstanding to the planning the previous evening, Tigger, on his way to make a surprise appearance at an orphanage's dinner, was grabbed off the street. It is not known at this time what condition Tigger was in when placed in the coffin, however once the mistake was realized and the coffin was dug up, a witness tells us that there were claw marks on the inside of the coffin. Tigger the Tiger was unresponsive and announced DOA at the Detroit Zoo.

This tragedy could have been avoided if parents just taught their kids to be smart and kind to their fellow man instead of spreading stupidity and ignorance.

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Matt said...

I absolutely PLEADED with the Disney people to get Tigger a few intimidating "rapper-type" bodyguards for his road gigs. No one listens.