Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Dinosaurs On The Ark!

We estimate its height at "Friggin' Huge".

I bet you've been wondering about the Puertasaurus I told you about last year.

Well, they found its bigger, badder buddy.

The best part of this story? Read the responses below on the CBS website.
Someone actually writes this:
Dinosaurs are indeed mentioned in the Bible, but obviously the word "DINOSAUR" isn't used because the word didn't exist during Biblical times! The Bible describes the Behemoth and Leviathan in the book of Job, and also the word "tannin" the Hebrew word for dragon is used over 20 times in the Old Testament.Dinosaurs are Creations of God just like all other animals are. They just don''t exist, the larger ones that is, anymore, although there have been reports of teradactyls in New Guinea.Secular "science" doesn't want you to know about this though, because God forbid the Bible is True, we can''t have that now...right?
Although they may be simple, uneducated folk who whip themselves after staring at their sister for too long, I have to admire their ignorance, for it must be bliss in their world. Just birds chirpin' and angels singing until they get caught in an embezzlement or sex sting.
Instead of deporting illegal immigrants, can we deport people who believe that dinosaur and man walked together? If we get rid of those yahoos first the American people will be on their way to a more educated American pride and cleaner bathrooms.
New Guinea Teradactyls. That's the name of my band. 'SUP.


Matt said...

Indisputable PROOF!

newbluebaby said...


You're right.

Sorry Jesus freaks!!!!