Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Am Innocent...

'I am innocent and some day evidence will be found to prove it'.

That was written by Dr. Hawley Crippen in 1910, two weeks before he was hanged for the murder of his wife, Cora.

My poor Doctor, your day has come.

It seems the missing Cora ran away, back to America. Didn't peep up when her husband was arrested though. Sometimes, justice is a bitch. I wonder how many other people hung innocent from the gallows. Hangman, hold it a little while, I think I see my DNA comin', ridin' many a mile.

Hawley Crippen was an American doctor who moved to England in 1900 with his wife, Cora Turner. When Cora disappeared in 1910, Crippen said she had returned to the US, and later said that she had died in California. After his lover, Ethel le Neve, moved into the couple's home in Holloway, London, Cora's friends alerted the police, but a search revealed nothing. Crippen and Le Neve fled to Belgium before embarking on the SS Montrose to Canada. They were disguised as father and son, but the ship's captain became suspicious and alerted police using the newly invented wireless telegraph. Crippen was convicted and hanged at Pentonville Prison. He protested his innocence to the end.


anne altman said...


it's a fucked up justice system we have when abortion is murder and capital punishment is entertainment. everyone knows that abortion is entertainment.

Abbi said...

So "the human remains discovered under his house could not be those of Cora." Jolly good. Everyone go about your business. Ah, but before you leave, I thought I might point out that there were still HUMAN REMAINS DISCOVERED UNDER HIS HOUSE!

Apparently, the article talked of both a poisoning and a dismemberment, and there was no head or bones left of the victim, just bedraggled flesh. I watch enough CSI to know that's not a natural death for anyone.

I'm for promoting the Dr. Crippen conspiracy. Just call it a hunch.

TaffyLewis said...

abbi, the fact that human remains where found under his house is not significate because the theory is that the investigator planted the evidence (see PBS show)!!!

What I find typical is scotland yard's refusal to supply/support the new evience.