Thursday, October 05, 2006

George Washington

As a child, I, like all Americans, learned about George Washington.

The father of our country. The first President. Wooden teeth. He skipped a stone across the Potomac. He chopped down the cherry tree. He said "I cannot tell a lie!"

The only thing true is that he was the first President.

The rest? Lies. Told to us as truth, as so many other things as a child.

It's a problem that happens in every country.

Lies, myths, speculation and fears passed on from parent to child generation after generation. Shit rolls down hill, and right now the human race is at ground zero, shit valley.

Don't even get me started on the bible.


I feel I've finally found the truth about George Washington. It may seem a little strange, a little startling at first, but watch this documentary... it's closer to the truth than anything we've learned. I swear. I cannot tell a lie.

George Washington

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anne altman said...

don't lie everybody knows jesus was our first and only president