Friday, October 06, 2006

The Man With No Name

Last year I followed a story about "Piano Man" in England.

A man was picked up in Kent, England wearing a wet suit and tie.

He didn't speak nor have any identification.

At Medway Maritime Hospital, workers gave him a pencil and paper and he drew a piano. He drew it well too. Then they gave him a piano, and he played for hours. Everything from Tchaikovsky to The Beatles.

For months no one knew who he was. I figured he was a time traveler, and something went wrong, leaving him mute and confused.

Unfortunately he was finally identified as some nutjob from Germany. Bummer.

But now, another man has appeared in Wales, with no name, age or nationality.

This will prove to be an interesting case as well. I think I know where he comes from though.

The future. Duh.

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Valerie said...

dude, I was totally following that story too about the "Piano man".

that link doesn't work, btw. :)