Friday, April 06, 2007

Best Mug Shot Ever.

Firefighter caught in bikini

This is the greatest story I have ever read.

Harphant then said he saw the bikini-clad person hop into a parked blue Ford F-150 pickup truck with red emergency lights on top and he realized the person was a man.

“My wife said, “It’s a lady,’ and I was like, ‘No, it’s not a lady,’ ” Troy Harphant said.

Mason Police Officer Scott Miller pulled the truck over. His report states: “I observed Cole to be wearing a very skimpy woman’s … bikini with two tan water balloons taped to the top to simulate two woman’s breasts and a pair of pink Speedo flip-flop sandals.”

I know firefighters like to have fun. They can party.

But I don't know hoe he's going to explain this one to the firehouse.

"I was drinking, saw an ad in the paper for a $10,000 prize to sing at a gay bar in Dayton and thought, Carpe Diem!!!"

He should have siezed the night instead.

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