Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Always The god Fearing...

That are the most twisted.

"It can be done for some form of sexual gratification but it's not clear what Mr Kemp's intentions were."
It was totally kinky sex. I saw this on one of HBO's Real Sex shows. You're pretty much sealed to perfection like astronaut food then your partner tickles you or something. Didn't seem to sexy to me, but hey, I once saw a guy pay a lot of money to be used as a footstool for some dominatrix. People can be really, really weird.
And it's usually the church goin' folk, after being suppressed and feeling guilty about their real feelings for years, they eventually fall into a pattern of dirty little thoughts and denial. Just look at any of those church leaders who get caught with their pants down in front of some other guy on he knees, and he ain't praying.
This guy was the organist. After years of playing Ode To Joy and Amazing Grace, it was only natural that this guy woke up one day and felt like being molested through a zip lock bag.

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