Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here Come The Copycats

I heard an excellent point on the radio today.

Have you ever watched a baseball game or a football game and the camera focuses on the dugout or sidelines or most of the time the announcers when a fan runs on the field.

They never show the fan.


Because they don't want a copycat. They don't want some idiot seeing this other idiot on TV getting coverage and his 15 seconds of fame and thinking "Hey, I'd like that to happen to me! I want that!"

And yet, NBC NEWS receives a package from a murderer. Instead of handing it over to the authorities, NBC NEWS opens it up, makes copies and then hands it over. I'm sure all the forensic evidence is intact.

NBC NEWS is giving this asshole (I won't honor him by naming him but you know who I'm talking about) EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED.


He set out to kill with impunity and to live in infamy.

And as calm and methodical as he pulled the trigger, NBC NEWS grasped at a chance to get ratings. To split up the footage. To be able to tell their advertisers "We're going to have more footage on the Today show tomorrow, and our commercial rates just went up."


Meanwhile the survivors of this horror get to see his face one more time, just in case it wasn't seared into their memory enough. Did you get a good look at him? No? Well here he is again, looking like an action hero on a movie poster. Oh, and here is what he has to say, so you have an answer to WHY? It's a rambling answer that doesn't make sense, but we thought you'd like to hear his voice too.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the world, there is a broken soul. A tortured soul. Someone whose reality is not like ours. Someone who wants to be heard, and he has an angry message because he does not fit in.

He is smiling. He sees he can get this kind of attention. There is just one catch: someone has to die. And someone will.

Now I am cursing NBC NEWS. But make no mistake, if that pacage landed on any other American media doorstep, they would be jerking themselves off they'd be so happy. A couple of extra zero added to their commercial rates will get them that extra dinner party, that extra week in the Hamptons, that extra hottub, that new suit and new car.

And there are over 30 families left with nothing extra. Only less.

Shame on you NBC.

You are actively contributing to the next murder.

I hope you are charged and I hope the public holds you responsible.

You are disgusting and give us all a bad name.

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