Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some Men In India Need To Lighten Up

So Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty and...

Many saw the act as an outrage against Shetty's modesty and Indian culture, though Shetty herself angrily dismissed the protests as an "over-reaction" that made India look silly.
Groups of men burned and kicked effigies of the actors in protests across India, including in the northern Indian cities of New Delhi, Kanpur, Meerut and Varanasi as well as in the central city of Indore. Some called for the actors' deaths. Others wanted public apologies.
How is it possible that people still act this way in 2007? Oh yea, people suck.
Move to The United States Shilpa. We have strange men too, but we won't be burning any effigies. I'm curious to see what a Richard Gere effigie looks like anyway. Burnt. What it looks like burnt.

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matt said...

Shilpa Shetty sounds like the name of a R. Crumb character.