Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bill O'Reilly A Racist? Ignorant? Pompus Arrogance?

Bill, I'll take you to places in Harlem and all over the world where people act like normal, civilized people and you'd be so surprised you'd drop your loofah sponge and forget to sexually abuse women.

And for those of you who listen to him, shame on you.

And to make this fair - those who listen to Air America, shame on you too.

Please feel free to make up your own mind and not act like a tree hugger or rapist.


anne altman said...

man, do i have a bill o'reilly story.

wish i could share it, kids, but i'm not the kind of person to gossip about other persons.

hey, did you hear about kiefer sutherland? got a big old D.U.I last night.

the watcher said...

i listen to o'reilly. he doesn't sound racist to me. could it be you don't like him because he has the guts to stand by his convictions and he doesn't think like you? and don't even think about passing judgment on me just because i value o'reilly's perspective because you have no idea who i am or what my beliefs are.

newbluebaby said...

Too late watcher! You're an uninformed idiot.

pssst... this post is from Sept. of '07. Catch up.