Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jacques Cousteau And Lake Tahoe

Hey, that rhymes!

Welcome all who plugged that Jacques Cousteau and Lake Tahoe into your google. I know there are a lot of you. A hell of a lot!

You came across this, Nevada'a Mysteries, which I posted this past Monday.

Well, I asked for someone to "Get a camera down there and let us see the abyss!"

And here is the perfect device to do so!

Stealthy QinetiQ sentry goes where danger lurks so you won't have to

If I had money, I'd have one of those things on the shore of Lake Tahoe by 4pm today and we could finally get to the bottom of the lake.


me said...


me said...

The site in my previous post:

- is the last time(2003)that you will hear about project "Tahoe Deep Blue" connected with "Deep Seas Systems", "Christopher Nicholson", and the "Max Rover" in the papers.

Charles Goldman's videographer, Mike Conway, shows up 2 years later(2005), no longer the owner of a TV station:

Why was project "Tahoe Deep Blue" so suddenly abandoned?

What DID they see???

Why the seeming media black-out?

Where we really incapable of handling, "the truth" ?

newbluebaby said...

Hey ME.. I mean you, which is I mean ME... great research into this mystery!!!

I was excited when I saw your first comment and I too googled Tahoe Deep Blue only to get that one article.

Nice work.

And yes, why was it abandoned?

It's a lake.

We know a lot about what is under the waters of the GREAT LAKES... but not Lake Tahoe?

Odd, wouldn't you say?

Ann Nony Mouse said...

Deep Sea Systems and National Geographic,
"collaborations resulted in the magazine publishing photographs taken beneath Lake Tahoe of 1812 shipwrecks.":

Where ARE these photographs?

Anony Ent said...

Well, somebody went down there:


Anonymous said...

My name is Michael McKinney and I am the owner of K-MTN TV. Mike Conway was my boss and is still a very good friend. If you would like to see the bottom of Lake Tahoe, you can purchase Mike Conway's Mystries Beneath Lake Tahoe video which can be found on KMTN.COM along with other rare Lake Tahoe Historic videos.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling BS there is no info anywhere about mike Conway's supposed video not on the the tv station web site or anywhere else online for that matter! I don't know what's down there but some one is hiding something you don't get that far into a project to have everything just disapear! Atleast not in the Internet age. Keep digging everyone!

Unknown said...

Cmon people...