Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Bodies of four found in manholes.

I think I know what happened:

Fade in: Night: Police cruisers scattered on the road. Lights of red and blue flash out of synch.

An red unmarked sedan pulls up, slows down and a police officer raises the yellow tape with his arm in order for it to go through.

Scene: two body bags being zipped up. In the distance about twenty feet across the wet, smoking cement is a manhole. Its cover lies next to it.

The red sedan stops and a man gets out. A bit disheveled, unshaven, with a long dark blue trenchcoat. A cigarrette moves from his mouth to his side.

A young police officer hurrieds up. He's out of breath. Pale.

Young officer: "Detective... it's uh.... uhh.. it's bad sir."

Detective: "What's bad, son?"

Officer: "We found two me... two more men... in the manhole over there. Old Man Rivers came across the smell and alerted us. It looks like they've been in there for some time."

The young officer coughs and wipes his mouth.

Dectective: "Manhole. In the manhole."

He looks towards the manhole.

Dectective: "I've seen this before. My gods, don't let them be back."

Officer: "Them? Who them?"

*cue scary music as camera rolls along the cement towards the hole, then dives into the darkness*

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