Friday, January 05, 2007

Close Encounters

One of the first stories of the new year was that some workers at Chicago's O'Hare airport saw a UFO hovering over an airport terminal last fall.

There are reports like this all the time but what makes it different is that some of these workers turned out to be pilots, and the FAA is not investigating.

Although the FAA acknowledged that a United Airlines supervisor reported it, now United says officals don't recall discussing any such incident.

Now, Newsweek has an article about this story that should have died, but something is keeping it going.

The witnesses [in this case] are not only responsible but they're qualified by virtue of the fact that they've worked in the aviation industry for decades—each one of them. They're familiar with aircraft, they're familiar with weather phenomena. United Airlines and the FAA have apparently taken the position that it either didn't happen, or if it did happen it was a weather aberration. Well, the written communications that I have in my possession clearly belie that position.

Love these stories.

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