Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reading Time!

Every week I go to a meeting! And I'm handed an 8 page book! And the person who spent the last 2 days making that book reads it to me! Word for word!

I'm so lucky! I don't have to read, I just have to listen! I pay so much attention! Yay!

Alright you corporate time wasters, if we're gonna keep this up, I'd like to make a few suggestions.

Beanbag chairs. I mean, if we gonna squeeze 15 people in a closet we might as well have some beanbag chairs to make it more comfortable. The radiator just isn't the level of luxury it seems to be.

Cookies. On little plastic end tables.

And some juice boxes. Fruit, orange and even get some milk to starve off that osteoporosis I see in so many's future.

A toy chest in the corner, in case I tire of doodling, I can at least play construction worker with some playschool cars and orange cones.

The alphabet stenciled around the room. Capital and small letters, dammit. In cursive!

Some construction paper, various colors and some scissors, the plastic kind, not too sharp.

And finally, can I sit next to the cute girl with pigtails? Because I want to pull on them every once in a while because I like her but don't want her to know so I'll just annoy her.

Because if I'm going to be read to like a kid, then I want to be treated like a kid.

1 comment:

anne altman said...

can you sit on the other side of the room for once? i'm sick of the pigtail pulling, to be honest.