Monday, August 27, 2007

So Michael Vick Apologies

Yet no one cries for Little Jerry.

Dog fighting, cock fighting, bull fighting, snake vs. mongoose fighting - look, this shit happens all the time everywhere.
I don't like how people get their panties in a bunch over ONE EXAMPLE, in which Michael Vick is solely being used for because he's a public figure.
Yea, it's repulsive and I think he should be locked in a room with an angry pit bull, but this stuff happens all the time, even right now somewhere and in a few weeks this story will be gone and the fights will continue.
So unless you animal lovers are going to start doing something about it and demand your lawmakers start tracking these fights down and stopping them, then I don't want to hear it. SHUT UP.
Today there will be another dog fight. Another cock fight. Another bull fight. Another snake vs. mongoose fight. We're animals people, and making a shining example one day and let it fade away afterwards is just unnecessary and a waste of time.

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