Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Wire

For years I've heard people say HBO's The Wire is an excellent show.

For years I've passed on watching. Not sure why, but a couple weeks ago I bought the first season DVDs.

I'm now starting on the third season and frantically searching for a date the fourth season will be available.

This show is awesome. All you Wire fans out there, you have another convert.

This almost makes me forgive HBO for cancelling John From Cincinnati. Almost.

But for now, all hail Bunk, my new favorite fictional cop.


anne altman said...


save me a seat on the sofa

Anonymous said...

Wendell Pierce's character, Bunk Moreland is a composite of a few Baltimore Homicide detectives that David Simon followed around for one year (1988) for his book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets - amazing book by the way. The nick name, Bunk, is taken directly from detective Oscar Requer.

Season 4 dvd's will be out in time for the hollidays which will give you plenty of time to digest them prior to the start of season 5 in February. You are in for a treat, amazingly it was their best season yet despite the fact, and this doesn't give anything away, that thier main protagonist, McNulty, is mostly on the sidelines this season. But he'll be back strong in season 5.