Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here Comes Debby

Um, I have to wash my hair

Depression in Atlantic may become Tropical Storm Debby

I once asked out a girl named Debby. But it was with an "ie".

Turned me down. Repeatedly, with the "I'm busy, rain check?" line. Well, I got a whole bunch of rain checks and no where to cash 'em.

Just say NO.


Keith said...

Welcome to the "past", as you call it.

Your comment: "a woman can teach and/or do ANYTHING associated with ANY church, as long as she cares and believes."
My response: Physically and intellectually, you may be correct. Biblically (if you choose to place yourself under the authority of Scripture), it's a different story. It doesn't happen that way (women teaching men) at the church I attend.

Your comment:"The bible has been mis-translated and edited too many times that it's as reliable as the toliet paper you buy."
My response: Really? What physical evidence can you site to support your statement. Elsewere on my blog I refer to a page from a 1650 KJV Bible that I own. The words (300+ years old) are the same as those published today. Seems pretty consistent to me. But then, from the tone of your comments, I would assume that you don't believe the Bible is authoritative, historically correct, etc, so I guess ours is a futile conversation.

Thanks for stopping by.

newbluebaby said...

Thank for responding and I can see you stand with your beliefs.

Fair enough.

But I'd just like to point out that firing someone because she is a woman biblically, is just wrong intellectually.

Unless her name is Debbie and hands out rain checks like candy.

Fire her.

Valerie said...

LOL - Debby(ie) does Dallas?