Thursday, August 10, 2006

To All The Guys Who Have Started Wearing Their Collars Up

I noticed this trend starting earlier in the year.

Today I revisited my earlier thoughts during that time.

They're the same.

You look like a fuckin' idiot. Stop it.


anne altman said...

yeah but all the hot guys in all the brat pack flicks wore it up like that and they got laid didn't they?

no, i honestly don't understand it. the only time your collar is allowed to be up is if if it was flipped when you pulled your sweatshirt off your head and you didn't put the collar back down.

Ilovepeppers said...

I see those guys around NYC a lot, I will be sure to pass on your message.

whipcreamy said...

and they always reak of cologne. i HATE my book it's TRASHY!!!!!!! i prefer the scented deodorant...but even that can get bad.