Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prison Break

Season two of Prison Break, the excellent FOX show, started last night and it was not disappointing.

This season, they are out of the prison, and on the run. A great set up for multiple story lines, and the excellent addition of William Fitchtner, who was recently on yet another cancelled too soon show - Invasion, which really was a good match with Lost on Wednesday night. ABC's loss.

It looks like the writers took a cue from last year's excellent show run of "24" and "The Shield" and killed off a main character in a very surprising and disturbing way.

It worked! Once again I yelled "HOLY #$&@" at the TV as the show ended.

After a few months off, this is my first "Appointment Viewing" TV Show. Every Monday at 8, I'll be watching.

I know more and more people take the TiVo route, but I still enjoy getting to the couch in time to catch it first run. Soon "24" will be back, and... the best show on television, "The Shield".



Lametemp said...

I almost soiled myself when _____ was killed. I didn't see it coming.

How did the FBI get so many pictures of Michael's tattoo? What type of pictures were they taking in that prison?

newbluebaby said...

Maybe it was the prison documenting the tattoos, which I'd guess they probably would. The tattoo artist might have had some too.

Lametemp said...

If you say so. It seemed bit too convenient to me that the hybrid sherriff had such detailed pictures and knew exactly where to look. I know.. it's a TV show.

smartypants said...

Did you not just die of joy when they showed the bullet in her forehead? And then the chest? And then the MULTIPLE BODY BAGS?!?

I wonder if she's really dead.

newbluebaby said...

The multiple body bags really got to me. She's chum. Food for killer psycho raccoons.

smartypants said...

Someday we'll all be food for psycho killer raccoons.