Thursday, August 03, 2006

Farmer Farmer Give Me All Your DDT

DDT to Return as Weapon Against Malaria

I always heard DDT was bad.

I'm betting you did too.

But a few months ago I read that it wasn't. There were even tests done on humans with prolonged exposure to DDT on their foods. Nothing happened. Well, one of the test subjects got real fat off the DDTwinkies, but that was a small side effect.

It was banned in an "environmental hysteria" in 1972. (Not unlike the "global warming" exaggeration of today - it's not as bad as they're telling you folks.)

After almost eradicating malaria in third world countires for decades, or at least keeping it in check, malaria started claiming millions of lives.

I welcome back DDT and look forward to my next DDTBLT.

Besides.... have you ever had a mosquito buzz your ear every few second in the middle of the night and every time you turn the light on you can't find it? Oh how I wished for a DDT BOMB on those moments. I'd sleep in DDT pajamas, with footsies of course.


Valerie said...

and a butt flap?

newbluebaby said...

With a little puppy tugging on it.

Damn, I'm cute.

Peter said...

Don't that mean I don't have to wash my apples? I always knew that was a conspiracy.

anne altman said...

my irish aunties blasted that DDT gun thingie in the spare bedroom we stayed in over there. the bugs dropped immediately but we're still standing. are you sayin that we ain't gonna be retahded or nothin?

Lametemp said...

What about the birds and the frail egg shells? Was I taught lies??? (you know, like global warning, and evolution?)