Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Artsy Fartsy

Have you heard of the "guerrilla artist" Bansky?

He is more of a prankster, and I love a good prank - especially when it pisses people off.

Last weekend he hit the evil mouse empire Disney by placing a lifesize replica of a Guantanamo prisoner outside the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.

Here are some of his other works:

Naked Man allowed to stay.

Prankster paints Israeli wall.

And my favorite:

Cave art hoax hits British Museum

Political ideology aside, the man brings the funny.


anne altman said...

good stuff! unlike thunder mountain. that was scaaaawy.

smartypants said...


newbluebaby said...

Thank you Smartypants, I had seen that prank, but I refuse to give that talentless hack any press. I loathe her.

smartypants said...

Shoot! I ruined it! I'm sorry.

You had the right idea. I hate anything that brings her more publicity, and here I am feeding the machine. Booo!!

Special no thank you to me.