Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coup de Cage

HONG KONG (AP) - Thailand's military coup this week interrupted filming of Nicolas Cage's new movie, a gangster thriller being shot in Bangkok, a news report said Thursday.
The Chinese news Web site said Cage had prepared a private jet to leave the country on short notice.

Hong Kong-born twin brothers Danny and Oxide Pang are remaking their 1999 film, "Bangkok Dangerous," said.

When news of the coup on Tuesday night reached the crew, Cage was sent back to his hotel. Crew members remained on the set to keep an eye on prop guns until Cage persuaded the producer to send everyone home, according to the report.
The directors couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

What they aren't reporting is that the actual coup had NOTHING to do with Thailand's goverment, but rather Nick Cage's coup of Tom Hank's hair from The DaVinci Code.

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