Friday, September 22, 2006

Die Laughing

As I mentioned here, Die Hard is one of my favorite movies and there is a fourth one comming out next summer.

More news on Live Free Or Die Hard.

Justin Long (Accepted) has been set to co-star with Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth installment in the John McClane franchise.

Long plays a computer-savvy accomplice who helps McClane take on a terrorist organization around the July Fourth holiday.

Justin is a good guy. He was hysterical on the much missed show Ed.

He was funny in Dodgeball as well.

And I met him a couple years ago, at the Barrow St. Ale House in NYC and we played a round of Buck Hunter. As gay as that might sound, it's a hunting game where you try and shoot deer. Anyway, we were both there by ourselves and I was playing Golden Tee and we struck up a conversation. Nice guy, down to earth. Bad kisser. What?

Good for him he got the role. My concern is John McClain is going to have a comic sidekick. Doesn't look good for the series. We'll see.


smartypants said...


newbluebaby said...

No, that was Joey Lawrence who said that.

anne altman said...

yeah, um, nobody likes that guy but you.

i guess that's all that matters.

and you and corky are the only two who miss the show Ed

newbluebaby said...

He's a big star! He could do it!