Thursday, September 14, 2006

This Was No Boating Accident!

A friend of mine was recently walking on a beach in Delaware. He saw a crowd gathered around something that had washed ashore.

So he took pictures.

I've seen some strange things that have washed up but this had me baffled. I was baffled.

Well he sent the pictures into the Discovery Channel hoping for some answers. Their reply? "We don't know!"

Could this be some sort of new species? Washed up from the depths? Is there a school of them out there ready to strike and devour any human who dares swim through its territory!??!?!


Because last night he got another email from Discovery.

It seems our mysterious carcass is a Shortnose Sturgeon. An endangered species as well.

It either hit a boat or was bitten in half by a shark.


I'm guessing shark don't like the sturgeon too much to leave a whole half of his sturgeon sandwich behind.

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smartypants said...

Scariest. Fish. Ever.