Friday, September 22, 2006


High school's dances grind to a halt

A furor over what Concord High School administrators call an "overtly sexual" style of dancing at school dances has split the school community: There are those who defend the students'right to dance however they want and those who believe the moves are just plain inappropriate.

Wow, the same thing happened to me when I would do the Charleston.

When are they going to learn? You tell kids "NO! Don't do that!" when it comes to something like dancing, they'll go somewhere else to do it, just like the story says. Can't do it here? We'll do it there.

This is a non-issue. The kids are seniors. In a year or two they'll be in college laughing about how they danced like idiots. It's harmless.

Personally, I think the principal needs a good thrusting of his own. Moron.

Speaking of Footloose, I think my favorite line of the movie is "Oh shit my shoelace is stuck on the tractor and Bonnie Tyler is calling for me! She needs a hero!!!"

Was that a line? I think that was a line.

If our lord wasn't testing us, how would you account for the proliferation, these days, of this obscene rock and roll music, with its gospel of easy sexuality and relaxed morality!

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