Friday, September 15, 2006

Life Goes On

I was telling this story to a friend last night and thought I'd share it with you all.

All 4 people who actually read this.

A long time ago I went to a wedding. A girl I went to school with was there with a date.

We got to talking and he tells me he works with handicapped kids. Specifically, the mentally handicapped. The organization he worked for recently hired "Corky" from the TV Show "Life Goes On" to be its spokesperson.

"Corky", for those who don't know or remember, has Down Syndrome. Chris Burke is his real name.

So I said something to the effect, "Wow, that's great for your organization. Do you work with him?"

To which he replied, "Yea. Asshole."

You can imagine my shock (not really, I laughed out loud or LOL as they say) at having this guy, who does work for the mentally handicapped to call the most famous mentally handicapped person an asshole.

The guy worked at the main office, and they gave Chris an office there. Well, two days into it, he wanted a new office. He would pick the office he wanted and whoever was in that office had to switch with him.

He did it the next week too.

And the next week.

And the next week.

Once they said "No." and he threw a fit, threatened to quit. What are you going to do? They had to keep him happy.

He had the whole floor playing musical offices for months.

Imagine coming into work every few weeks and he's standing at your door saying "Now it's mine. Move your shit!"

He did a lot good work for the organization though, it's just the behind the scenes drama that really interesting.

Ob La De Bla DOH.

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anne altman said...

what an asshole. let me guess, he expects to bang broads willy nilly because he's a big star, right? i bet he thinks he can do that.

what i wouldn't give to do that.