Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now I Really Hate Bananas

I don't like bananas. (Unless they are dancing.)

I tried. I did. I ate one everyday for months hoping my palate would adjust and accept the banana.

Instead it was gag city.

I don't even like banana flavored things, like dums dums. Yech.

But, little did I know... hell, did anyone know?

The banana is proof there is a God!

Watch the video... so says this guy and hey, is that Kirk Cameron!?

Where the hell you been buddy? No doubt studying bananas! Show me that smile again...


smartypants said...

Hmm. Now the fact that they make my throat swell really has me worried.

newbluebaby said...

Obviously god hates you.

smartypants said...

Just like mom says!

anne altman said...

that was upsetting.

chicks can't eat bananas that way because men are immature. thanks, God. what an a-hole.