Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This time, a moose beat them.

OSLO, Norway (AP) - A bus carrying 40 elderly French tourists toppled into a ditch by a motorway in central Norway on Tuesday after passengers demanded the driver get closer to a moose grazing by the roadside so they could take snapshots, police said.
One woman suffered minor injuries in the accident on the motorway about 174 miles north of Oslo, the Norwegian capital. Eager to photograph the moose "in its natural environment," the tourists had asked the driver to get closer to the animal, after which the bus skidded off the edge of the motorway, district police officer at Gudbrandsdal, Sigmund Kaapvik, said.
The tourists were en route to the former Winter Olympic city Lillehammer, he said. The injured woman was examined at the local hospital and the motorway was briefly shut down. The moose, which was unharmed, was seen skipping away into the forest, Kaapvik added.

No doubt snickering to his moose friends in the forest.

"You should have seen it. It just went DOWN man. Freakin' hilarious. You should have heard those cheese-eating surrender monkeys scream. I'm tellin' ya, we gotta go back tomorrow man.. lure some more buses into that ditch."

*moose snort*

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anne altman said...

norwegians. they're nuts!