Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Video Killed The Radio Star 25 Years Ago Today

Remember when MTV would actually play The Rolling Stones?

Anyway - no big deal at MTV today for this milestone. They did all that nonsense for their 20th b-day.

What else happened musically 25 years ago?
* Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinneli got married
* Lionel Richie became the first person to produce the #1 pop, R&B and Country hits in the same week with "Endless Love"
* Menudo was founded
* Wings broke up
* Phil Collins released his first solo album
* U2 made their first U.S. TV appearance
* Metallica was formed

Remember how devastated you were when Wings broke up? Heather Mills cried in her sandbox.

As for all you people you say (again and again) "MTV sucks it doesn't play videos waahhhhhh"


Videos don't equal ratings and rating don't equal money. There.

Besides, check out MTV Overdrive at mtv.com. There's your videos.

There is one more thing video killed: Christopher Cross


anne altman said...

corporate tool

Valerie said...

it also killed the radio star

Don't you know ANYTHING? That was the first video played on MTV 25 years ago.

Now, MTV killed the video star.

newbluebaby said...

I know Val! That's why I named the post... video killed the radio star...

By the way "You Better Run" by Pat Benatar was #2.

Valerie said...

D'oh!!!!!! You got me. I didn't know what #2 was. Damn, you're good.