Friday, September 08, 2006

Hellooooooo Nurse!

Goodbye intruder!

Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands

Neighbors said Kuhnhausen's size -- 5-foot-7 and 260 pounds -- may have given her an advantage.

Ya think!?

Good for her. You don't often hear of home intrusion stories that turn out for the better.


ibroketuesday said...

I know this story rather more intimately than that. "Neighbor Annie Warnock" is the registrar at my school. Day after this happened, she told the story to the staff, and a teacher passed it down to us. As a result I heard this story in its complete, handed-down-from-the-nurse-with-arms-of-steel-herself version. Here are some more details you may appreciate:

The nurse's home not only showed no signs of entry, but she had a security system that hadn't gone off. She typed in her keycode to enter the house: it issued no warning. Coming in, nothing had been broken or stolen. It was not the least apparent that anyone else was in the house, until she stepped into her bedroom and there he was with a hammer, and, get this, wearing bright yellow dishwashing gloves. He attacked her with the hammer - ouch - and she sustained several whacks to the head as she wrestled him to the floor and got him into a chokehold, Super Emergency Room Nurse Woman training coming into play. All the while, she was screaming, "Who sent you?! Who sent you?!" She's in the middle of a divorce... her soon-to-be-ex was out of town... yeah, I'd be freaking like that too. She throttled him until she noticed he was turning blue, at which point she let him go. He gasped at her:
"You're STRONG!"... and passed away. Seriously. His last words to her were basically props. "Ah, you got me! Wow! Kudos! That was a tough one!" You're strong, Mrs. Kuhnhausen!

So the nurse took the hammer up, no idea why, and fled to Annie's house, where she was just about to have dinner. Subsequently, she and her husband had to wait outside while the police treated the house, including the dinner cooling on the table, like the crime scene it then was, seeing as how the hammer was there.

The true story is much more interesting than the watered down version I've been seeing in the papers.

newbluebaby said...

ibroketuesday.... THANK YOU for the details. That is more interesting. WHO SENT YOU?! That is classic.