Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dumb And Dumberer

From today's

MGM announced on Wednesday its plans for a flurry of follow-ups, including a Reese Witherspoon-less Legally Blonde 3; Species 4; WarGames 2 (not too slow on that one, were they); Into the Blue 2 (as if the world can handle more of Alba in itsy-bitsy bikinis) and The Cutting Edge 3.

This is outrageous! When the hell was there a Cutting Edge 2?! (This year apparently, straight to video - I looked it up).

And WarGames 2? Stop, just stop. The original is a classic. Please rename it WarGames 2: Not Associated With The Original WarGames.

Joshua, nuke these bastards please.

Anyway MGM, here is an idea. Take all the money you are spending on these crappy sequels (which probably isn't much anyway), and use that to make a NEW, ORIGINAL movie. Even if it is bad, it would still be better than any of these gems you announced.

Was there NOTHING to do today? Is the boardroom being painted? Is there a tour guide strike? Unbelievable.

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