Thursday, September 07, 2006

Resistance Is Futile

Virtually untreatable' TB found


Most of us who are lucky have strong immune system. Much more stronger than we give it credit for. True, we are fragile creatures, but I don't expect to catch a cold off a bathroom doorknob most of the time. In fact, all the medicines and wipes and sprays that we indulge ourselves with, I think we are weakening our immune systems and will be passing that weakened state to our kids.

But I'm not a doctor, nor play one on TV, and I even missed out on the whole experience of playing doctor as a kid with little Suzy down the basement.

However, this is how I think we're gonna go. And by that I mean go extinct.

Global warming, rouge meteor, large solar flares, blackhole... of all the things that could wipe out human beings, I think some kind of virus will eventually do it. It'll be drug resistant, and a few of us might survive by going underground. Blaming it on the Army Of The Twelve Monkeys.


smartypants said...

This week's New Yorker (not that I read) has the 20-year jihad plan spelled out in detail. So it's either super viruses or terrorists or mutant fruit. The future is grim. Boooo.

anne altman said...

'tis going to be a boogery end.