Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Journeyman Is The Best New TV Show Of The Season

And I'm afraid NBC isn't backing this show.
You've got a great lineup on Monday nights - Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman. It keeps me in!
So don't blow it.

Eat Shit Grandma!

Grandmother saved by daughter's poo.

A grandmother who contracted a potentially fatal superbug in Scotland has been saved after a hospital fed her daughter’s faeces to her.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Do I Make You Horny?

Wang The Human Unicorn

Ma Zhong Nan

Underground Italian Temples

Mama Mia!

Nestling in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from the
ancient city of Turin, lies the valley of Valchiusella. Peppered with medieval
villages, the hillside scenery is certainly picturesque.

Here, 100ft
down and hidden from public view, lies an astonishing secret - one that has
drawn comparisons with the fabled city of Atlantis and has been dubbed 'the
Eighth Wonder of the World' by the Italian government.

For weaving their
way underneath the hillside are nine ornate temples, on five levels, whose scale
and opulence take the breath away.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Toad Licking Good Time

First of all, you don't lick the toad. That won't work. You massage it's back and it's excretion will come out it's pores. Get that on a piece of glass and let it dry. Then smoke it.
What you are smoking is DMT. DMT is produced by our brains. It's what makes us dream. It's natural and non-addictive. It'll create a short experience of dreaming while your awake. You'll see and feel things that are out of this dimension and then return to your normal state as if waking up. Because you body automatically maintains its levels.
But you can't get in anywhere.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna pick up a pack of smokes and a fifth of whiskey and pollute myself but I'll look into expanding my mind in a deprivation tank sometime soon and break out of this cookie cutter society you are all slaves too. Find some answers. What are you worried about? Taxes? What your neighbor does? It doesn't matter. We're all objects in space. You ego protects you. You strip it down, and you might not like what you see, but at least it is the truth.
Break free.

Comet Empire

Comet Holmes (left) from the 3.6-meter Canada-France-Hawaii telescope on Mauna Kea showing the coma at 869,900 miles (1.4 million kilometers) in diameter. The white ''star'' near the center of the coma is in fact the dust-shrouded nucleus of the comet.The sun and the planet Saturn are shown at the same scale for comparison. Credit: University of Hawaii/CFHT (comet); NASA/Voyager (Saturn); NASA/ESA/SOHO (sun)
Still visible on clear night. Look northwest towards the constellation Cassiopeia, the one that looks like a "W".

In Through The Out Door


Woman Finds Boyfriend Dead In Cat Door


A near-intact shipwreck apparently dating from the 17th century has been found in the Baltic Sea, Swedish television has said.

Eat it Titanic. This one went down perfectly.